Freedom in Panem

by Alex Carpenter

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I love the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. These are some songs about those characters and their misadventures. The songs on this EP are all about events that take place before the end of Catching Fire, and were written before the release of Mockingjay. So fear no spoilers on the new book


released August 24, 2010

All songs written and recorded by Alex Carpenter. Special thanks to Jason Munday for mixing help!



all rights reserved


Alex Carpenter Los Angeles

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Track Name: Reaping Day
I wake up late, its Reaping Day
Head to the forest to meet Gale
Its a lottery, I hope they dont choose me
What would my family do if I disappeared ?

In the square,
Effie reads off her name
I nearly collapse before I scream

Oh Prim, I'll never let you go
Oh Prim, I'll never let you go
Take me to the arena, just leave her alone
Oh Prim, I'll never let you go

Beyond the train, they all seem so vain
I bite my tongue until it bleeds
Stuck in between
I dream of the seam
At least my sister is safe at home

Cinna waves goodbye
Slowly i ascend
Waiting for the gong,
I whisper to myself
Track Name: In The Hunger Games
You could be Katniss and I could be Peeta
Waiting for a canon, midnight in the arena
In the Hunger Games

We could be the tributes from district twelve
Nothing I would do would be to save myself
In the Hunger Games

You'll never have to bury Rue alone again
Take the stage, Take the world, Just take my hand

We were just children, there was little I could do
Its gonna take more than bread for me to save you
In the Hunger Games

You could nurse me to health until I was fine
we could eat those berries at the same exact time
In the Hunger Games

Katniss, You know that I love you
I have you since our eyes first met
I know were meant to be together
Each moment with you is the best one yet

I just sleep better
With your head upon my shoulder
And this love letter
Is televised for all the world to see

I've one mission
Its for you to make it through this
And when were kissing
I know that my sacrifice will be worthwhile

Katniss, You know that I love you
So let me hear you sing one last time
If for the briefest moment we're together
I'm elated that you were ever mine
Track Name: No Place For A Girl on Fire
A thousand arrows couldn't
shoot those surging flames
So Run dear Katniss run
it will be over soon enough

The water you need
Is just out of your reach
So run dear Katniss run
It will be over soon enough

This is no place for a Girl on Fire
Where everything is more complex than the seam
This is no place for a girl on fire
Here its life or death, and nothing in between

Now the careers have got you
Squarely in their sights
Fight dear Katniss fight
And you'll make it through the night

All of panems watching
You're not a canon shot
Fight dear Katniss fight
And you'll make it through the night

(You are the Mockingjay)
Track Name: Freedom in Panem
"Stay alive" is all that Haymich said
He took another swig
And hoped the plan would go smoothly

May the odds ever be in your favor,
Heres a life to savor
I laugh at the irony

We're only children
Why should we play?
For the capitol,
Built on injustice

For their entertainment
In the hunger games
The plutocrats
Living in excess

I want to wake from
This life of bad dreams
Our last hope lies
In district 13

The sky explodes, I dont know what i know
I can almost hear their screaming
Our plotting and scheming

For Freedom in Panem
begins tonight

I know that we'll win, but what have we lost?

You don't forget the face of your last hope
Give them a length of rope
an avox would could fill volumes

In the Quarter Quell
Far too many fell
Now were left with something to hold on to
Track Name: You Are the Mockingjay
At first I fought your fame
Nothing will be the same

I was trapped at home
Now our covers blown

I know this war has just begun
You'll be its central front
And I know that I should hold my tongue
Not tell you youre the one
I know it hurts to hear these words
you're bracing for that punch
I needed you to know the truth
If only just this once

You are, You are the Mockingjay

I will stay by your side
stubborn as the tide

I'm not a TV star
I am just a simple boy
I'm, asking you to be my girl
Theres no strategy, no ploy

Events are spinning wildly now
Theyre out of our control
One word from your perfect lips
I'm in total revolt

You are, You are the Mockingjay