Songs for Spintunes Three

by Alex Carpenter

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released June 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Alex Carpenter Los Angeles

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Track Name: Alex Carpenter - The Day I Died
dear diary
i wonder why i write
day 512
i chronicle my life

i hear their moans
in the distance and in my dreams
were the last on earth
just the ghouls and me

dear diary
ive lived in hell so long
something stayed my hand
but now that somethings gone

dear diary
dont you shed a tear
the only way outs through
and ive finally killed my fear

said id fight
i did it right
till there was no hope left to have

hand in hand
we'll be again
because my love

todays the day i die

dear diary
i swear im overjoyed
i lock and load
im committed to my choice

as they break through
my barricaeded door
i smile and think of you
im not in pain any more

Track Name: The Last Launch
the countdowns comin' down
the seconds flow like hours now
we've been waiting
baited breath, staring towards the sky,

i want it soon, not ready to be over yet
my heart quickens, flying faster than a fighter jet

oh the earth is far below
and i dont want to go

if we endeavour to continue our discovery
we must reach further than what our naked eye can see
with open minds like outward reaching bay doors
reach for the stars, grab whats yours

one more chance it get it right
before the final frontier is shut tight

the liftoff is coming soon
i see our reflection in the moon